Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Waiting...waiting...waiting...for uni results

There's nothing like waiting for your last semester uni results. This isn't the time to stress - there's nothing you can do to change the result (you don't even know them!) or change the date you will get the result.

So what's worse is waiting on the day of receiving your uni results. Some students may receive them by mail, others by email and even less via sms on their phone. I for one, am waiting on an SMS from my University for my results.

This was my final semester of my undergraduate degree(does happy dance!). Next year though, I will embark on my Masters - anyone else as crazy as I am? ;-)

Leave me a comment below if you are commencing or recommencing post graduate studies next year! (maybe we can work it out together!)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day of the Exam

What do you do on the day of your exam?
Last Friday, I had my final exam for completion of my teaching degree. So, what did my day look like prior to the exam? Relaxation.

In between rereading my exam notes, I;
-went out for a coffee
-did some shopping
-did activities with my son
-surfed the webs

This meant I went into my exam with reduced stress levels and because I didn't study by cramming the night before, my brain didn't feel overloaded.

Exam Outcome: I'll keep you posted :)