Thursday, January 6, 2011

What will you be studying this year?

The University year will soon start and you will have or be thinking about the units you will choose to study.
I recommend choosing elective units that you think you would enjoy or that you think you will do well in. Look at the unit outline to determine whether this work will benefit you and your study aims.
There are also compulsory units that you will have to undertake as part of your study. There may be some that you do not wish to do but a requirement of the course. Think of the positive - what you can get out of it? You will also need to make sure that you satisfy any prerequisites for units you do choose.

Make sure you enrol in the unit by the University's given deadline. You will also need to ensure you have all the required texts for each unit - check out what second hand shops have available to save $$$s!

Once you have enrolled in your units, there will be a date they will become available online - usually the first week lectures begin. Ensure that you keep an eye on when they do become available so you can join any online groups first and stay on top of the forum discussions.

Take the first week to work out a study timetable, get to know your way around online and what is required of you to complete each unit.

Most of all, enjoy your semester and get what you can out of your study!