Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Semester Started! Time to get motivated

The new Uni semester has started and it is time to get motivated...if you aren't already!

By now you should have enrolled in all the units that you will undertake this semester whether it is a full time or part time load. Remember, there are academic penalties if you do not withdraw from a unit before a certain date if you decide not to continue with a particular subject - always check this with your University.

You may have already been to your first lecture this week where you get to know your new lecturer, find new friends and lecture rooms if this is your first year of study.

However, if you are studying externally - without face to face contact then no doubt you will already have been online and had a look at your course outline and materials and may have even downloaded some.

Either way, you should now know what is expected of you in this course in terms of assessment and attendance and what you should know by the end of the unit you are enrolled in. First week is mostly a bit of orientation, getting organised and setting yourself up for success- remember you can do this!

So, what questions have come about in your first week of Uni?

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