Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Save it or lose it!

I did it again. I didn't take my own advice and I lost a piece of work. Save it or lose it! It was only two years ago that I posted about ensuring that all work is backed up properly. Read that post here.

This time I was working on a Prezi - a mind map program I downloaded onto my iPad. Luckily, the work I lost was not crucial and I hadn't spent a lot of my time on it as it was only in the early stages. But it has served as a reminder - save it or lose it!

So here's a recap to ensure nothing is lost by failing to  ctrl + s!

1. save the document or project as soon as it is started.

2. make it a habit to save at regular intervals or as soon as a small block of work is complete.

3. don't just save it on your pc or tablet - transfer it to an external hard drive, usb or even better to the cloud!

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