Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I don't understand the assignment!

The lecturer says one thing. The tutor says another. The course outline doesn't align with the rubric. My peers are saying things differently to what I've done. Aargh, my assignment is all wrong. I'm so confused.

Take a deep breath!

Here are some ways to clear your mind, make sure you're on the right track and complete that assignment.

1. Ask your tutor questions- they're most likely the marker.
Have a list of questions to ask at the tutorial. Or you might like to email the tutor directly or post in the subject's forum if there is one online. 

2. Firstly- have you been to all the tutorials? This is a great time to ask questions and take on board what the tutor is saying. No doubt he/she is giving out tips along the way. Yep, use those listening skills.

3. Check the online discussion board (if your course has one). It's a great place to communicate and share ideas. Have your questions already been asked on the forum?

4. Read the course outline. What does it say the purpose of the assignment is? Circle key words.

5. Check the marking rubric. Read each criterion and what is expected at each level of competency.

6. Write the assignment outline. Check the word length and percentage weighting (marks). 
Introduction- brief overview- what are you going to talk about? 
Body- number of key ideas= number of paragraphs.
Conclusion- link all aspects of the task. Reiterate your point!

7. Write. You may not feel like writing but just write. You have your outline so just write one section at a time and come back to the other parts later. Ask your tutor if they would mind checking if you're on the right track (even if it's just the outline with a few dot points) -some tutors are happy to do this. 

How do you overcome confusion about an assignment?

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