Friday, March 12, 2010

I’m behind in my study – what do I do?

First of all, don’t stress and don't give up! Stress will only make you procrastinate and unlikely to complete any work to your best ability. Remind yourself, that you can do this. Take a breath and focus on one subject today. Take this subject and look at what needs to be completed. Are there articles to read? Do you need to start an assignment? Do you need to contribute to online discussion? Are there five chapters to read in your text book? Work out what you need to do next. Write the list which may look like this;

1. Read chapter 2, 4 and 8 of Skamp text
2. Read articles by Keys, Novak and Gunstone
3. Contribute to online discussion on the past 3 weeks topics (approximately three contributing posts)’

Set time aside to complete this work. This may be two hours this afternoon and one hour tonight. You will need to make study your priority in the next two to three days to catch up.
Write notes for the articles you read in your notebook or type in a word document or online blog. This will help the information you read, stick in your mind. It will also be there for future reference in your study notes – particularly helpful if you have an examination at the end of semester.
Tick off your list as you complete your study. Once you have done these, it is time to move onto another subject you are behind in. Make another list of things and tick off as you complete them. Once again, you will need to immediately put aside three to four hours of time where you can do solid work.
To avoid getting behind in your study again, use your diary effectively. Write in important events outside of study, assignment due dates and weekly tasks. Tick off each day what you complete. If you do not complete a task on a set day, transfer it to your next study day. By keeping on top of your study, you will reduce the stress caused from a heavy work load. Study will be easier and you will be more productive in your work.

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