Tuesday, March 9, 2010

'Keep It Simple'

Everyday should be a learning experience. Each day brings something or some one new into your world.
Today, I met Jeremy Britton and I had the chance to chat with him about education, public speaking, business, wealth and his book Who's Taking Your Money.

So, what did I learn? To 'Keep it simple'. Yes, this is the key to many things and you can use this concept for webpages, study, growing your wealth, business, finance, just about anything!

'Keep it simple' may seem like a very basic idea but often people over complicate and over analyse the simplest things (me!). These can include and are not limited to; making choices, writing a book, designing a business plan, developing a website, planning a wedding. Take the stress out of life and 'keep it simple'.

How to 'keep it simple'? Talking about my concepts with Jeremy Britton uncluttered my mind and opened it up to new possibilities. Through discourse I was able to map out my ideas and view them from a different perspective.

The first thing to 'keep it simple' is to talk about it! Discuss your idea or questions with another person whether it is a professional person or a friend.Make a visual - write a list, draw a mind map or type your ideas on the computer. Another good way to 'keep it simple' is to be true to yourself in everything you do.

Keep it simple and destress your life.

Jeremy Britton is a Financial Planner, Investment Educator, Public Speaker and author with 15 years experience. He provides free investment advice for professionals and beginners at

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