Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Aargh, I have an assignment due!

First thing, don't stress! It might seem like a blur at the moment but if you break the assessment instructions down, you will have your assignment done in no time.

Here is a system that works for me when I'm writing an assignment.

1. What sort of assignment task are you being asked to do? Is it an essay, a project, a sequence, a critical inquiry? Find out exactly what type of assignment you have to complete.

2. Highlight key words on your assessment information sheet. So if you haven't printed it off, do that now.

2. Either write or type the key words vertically down the page. If the lecture has provided you with assignment guidelines, use these too.

3. Where are your reference sources? Which chapters related to the subject matter from your textbook, articles or other sources?

4. Start with writing 100 words - it doesn't need to have proper referencing, spelling or punctuation. Simply write your ideas down that relate to the topic. You will find once you get going, the words will flow.

5. If you hit a writer's block, go back to your original structure. Chat to fellow students on forums or even take a break! You won't be able to write an assignment on an empty stomach.

6. Once you have your first draft, leave it for 24 hours.

7. Check off you critera sheet against your assignment to ensure you haven't left any important information out.

8. Reread your assignment and have a friend or family member to proofread it.

9. Leave your assignment another 24 hours before rereading. You may end up with a few drafts.

10. Ensure your bibliography is correct before submitting online or via post.

Assignments do not have to be a daunting experience. Note any interesting articles that you read during the semester that may be beneficial to your assignment and mark pages in the textbook that will need to be referenced. Then it won't be so hard to go back and find the bits of information when you do sit down to write your assignment. Leave enough time so that you can have a 24 hour gap before reading your assignment again. Eat well, sleep well, study hard and enjoy your breaks!

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