Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Studying and working

Studying and working can be done. It is just a matter of whether you work part time, full time, casually and have children in the mix. You may need to consider a part time study load at the beginning and increase the number of units the following semester if you think you can juggle you time and work commitments.

One thing that I cannot reiterate enough is to have a diary and use it! It can be a physical or an electronic one. Either way, diarise all your assignment due dates, dedicated study hours as well as social and work commitments to help you plan your semester. Don’t forget to include break days such as that Saturday trip to the beach!

As a mum of one who works from home part time and studies full time, I can only provide an insight from that perspective. I invite you to comment below with your tips on how you juggle your study load and work commitments.

Remember it can be done - just take one day at a time :)

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