Monday, April 19, 2010

University Student Etiquette

Don’t be seen as the rude student who thinks of themselves as above everyone else. Here are some tips for some common student etiquette:


- make a habit of arriving to tutorials or lectures late -
besides being rude, the lecturer will know you for the wrong reasons

- put your feet up on the seat in front of you – especially if someone is sitting there

- make out you know more than the lecturer – no one likes a ‘know it all’

- be too critical of another’s work especially if you haven’t done any yourself

- be the loafer when working on the group assignment – this is a quick way to lose friends

- put negative comments about lecturers or fellow students on your online social network page- anyone can access the internet and it will only reflect negatively on you

- ignore people – network and you will probably learn a thing or two

- forget who will be marking your assignment – ask questions and if you get a grade you are unhappy about – approach the marker sensibly and preferably after you have had a day to think about it.

- Write on the online Uni forum anything you may regret as it is not easily deleted

University is a fun time of learning. Don’t let poor student etiquette get in the way of making new friends, learning and generally enjoying University life.

Feel free to add your own tips!

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  1. And please, PLEASE keep your voice down in the library! It is not a social hub for you to chat and answer your phone in.