Saturday, February 13, 2010

10 Tips To Kick-Start Your New Study Year

10 Tips to kick start your new study year
It is the start of the New Year and many are first year University students studying via distance for the first time. Elearning is a great way to further your education and get to exactly where you want to be. Receiving all your University material at once can be quite overwhelming. It is best to take small steps and ease yourself into your new study year. Here are ten tips to kick start your new elearning year;
1. Ease yourself into the new semester
- start with navigating your way around the university site
- read through your assignments and study topics
- work out what you will need to read first

2. Organise Yourself
-De-clutter your study space
-Refill your black and colour ink cartridges
-schedule study times
- have plenty of printer paper and pens on hand

3. Order Your Textbooks
- you will need them by the first day of the teaching period.
-order second hand textbooks to reduce costs

4. Prepare your diary
-schedule in important events ie: weddings, birthdays
-write in your assignment due dates
-write in the exam period

5. Introduce yourself to your fellow students
- most of your communication will be online so introduce yourself on the online forum
- include your name, year of study, location and something interesting about yourself
-join online study groups if available

6. Eat well
- eat plenty of fruit and vegetables everyday
-get adequate sleep every night
- you need to have an alert mind

7. Exercise everyday
- even if you only have time for 15 minutes!
- try yoga and stretching
- vary your routine so you don’t get bored
- alert body = alert mind

8. Get into good habits now
- stick to your study schedule
- check your University email regularly
- log on to University forums daily
- use your diary

9. Write down your goals
- have long term and short term goals
- write down what you need to accomplish each study session ie: read article xyz
- reward yourself regularly

10. Remind Yourself
- the overwhelming feeling will go away
- take one day at a time, take one week at a time
- tick of the study schedule as you go
- the more you use online tools , the easier they will become to use

No longer do you have to think ‘where do I start?’ – you have already started. You have taken the first steps to further your education – well done!

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  1. Great list thanks Jilly, will be in touch to see if you will write something similar for the Confident Woman Australia site