Friday, February 26, 2010

5 ways to conquer procrastination

Tired looking at the same white page? Looking and taking any out possible so you don’t have to complete an assignment that is due next Monday?
If you are a procrastinator or experience writer’s block, try these tips to help you get that assignment done and dusted.

1. Just write! It doesn’t have to have referencing, correct spelling and punctuation, just your ideas either written or typed.

2. Jump on to your University forum for inspiration from fellow students who are studying the same topic

3. Talk to your friend, sister, brother, neighbour about the topic your assignment is about. Bouncing ideas off others can sometimes help get your head around what you are going to write.

4. Give yourself a mini reward if you write 100 words. This could be check your email, grab a snack or check your phone. Give yourself a bigger reward if you write your first draft such as read a magazine or take the dog for a walk.

5. Reread your assessment information and write down the key words including words relating to the topic and words on how to write the assignment. This can help with getting a plan of attack to write your assignment.

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