Friday, February 19, 2010

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? And how can it help with my study?

Emotional Intelligence(EI) is about using your emotions constructively for yourself and with others. It is not about your academic intelligence it is about being aware of your own emotions and the emotions of others around you.

Studying can actually increase your EI as you are developing relationships with new people. You are using your EI when writing about your learning and when you are probably seeking help from peers or lecturers to help with your study. You will have the opportunity to increase your EI when you join study groups, join in on forum discussions and identify group dynamics. By being self-aware of your own emotions and how you react to others and vice versa you can increase positive communication and enhance your learning.

EI can help you lead a successful life. Working on your EI can decrease your stress levels and aid in dealing with challenges – which you will probably come across a few whilst studying! Studying provides the opportunity to set boundaries, make decisions and communicate.

There are many Emotional Intelligence tests on the internet available and they only take a few minutes. I highly recommend taking one as it will help you get to know YOU!

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