Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 ways to beat study stress

10 ways to beat study stress
1. Deep breathing
Deep breathing provides fresh oxygen to your brain allowing you to feel more calm and alert.

2. Exercise
30 minutes of exercise a day will make your body and mind feel more energised and take your mind off that next assignment that is due. It will help you burn not only calories but any frustrations.

3. Herbal tea
Have a cup of your favourite herbal tea and sit back and relax.

4. Yoga
Try out some yoga poses – yoga stretches and relaxes your body. Great for both men and women

5. Take a break
Read a chapter of a non-text book, ring a friend for a chat, walk outside and spend time with your pet. Whatever you choose make sure it is away from your computer and your study space.

6. Discuss your topic
Discuss your topic with a friend who has a good ear to listen or with a fellow student to exchange ideas. Just talking out aloud about any problems you have with a topic can help find the answers.

7. Schedule Time
Put extra time aside for any work you need to catch up on. This may mean you have to say ‘no’ to helping out a friend or Friday drinks. Remember you want to reduce your stress levels so catching up on or getting ahead with study will help do this.

8. Ask for help
If you are struggling with an assignment – email or ring your lecturer. You will find they will be happy to help you. Ensure you have specific questions to ask and let them know where you are up to in your study.

9. Sleep
Are you getting enough sleep every night? If you are tired everyday you will find it difficult to concentrate. If you have young children this may be a tough task, but do the best you can to get adequate sleep.

10. Music
Bring music back into your life. Turn on your iPod and dance around the lounge or go for a walk. If you have music downloaded on your computer – turn them on! You will be amazed how your favourite music can put you in a good mood.

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